Penhaligon’s samples library10 vials 2ml each


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Penhaligon’s Scent Library sartorial, orange blossom 10 vials 2ml each

Penhaligon’s vial library 2 ml each 10 vials full new with a tin box
Penhaligon’s Scent Library for men and women samples
Each set contains 10 vials of the most popular scents including:
blenheim Bouquet, ellenisia, endymion, sartorial, quercus, opus 1870, artemesia, orange blossom, iris prima and vaara.
  • Quercus: a timeless men’s cologne: fresh, organic, and warm with its English oak base, and modern in effect.
  • Sartorial: an elegant eau de toilette which features a skillful reinterpretation of the fougere scent family.
  • Blenheim Bouquet: the stately English classic of the mix, fresh and gently spiced.
  • Opus 1870: boasts an intricate woody scent.
  • Endymion: a series of complements, lending hints of spice and citrus, bold and profound.

The ladies’ scents are on the whole sweeter:

  • Artemisia: an eau de parfum filled with scents of nectarine and lily, undergirded by warm wood and amber.
  • Iris Prima: a ‘scent of the ballet,’ is elegant and emotive, offering a powdery, floral scent.
  • Vaara: offers a unique view into the aromas of the maharaja.
  • Ellenisia: a classic floral scent, indulgent in its sweet plum and vanilla finish.
  • Orange Blossom: a glowing scent, offering a honeyed floral aroma, bringing a soft close to the perfect sunny day.

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